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Handmade Bags

April 12, 2010

I’m not sure what it is, but I do gravitate towards handmade bags. Thinking more about it, there are plenty of advantages to having a handmade bag vs. other kinds of bags.   Handmade bags are usually lighter than other materials like vinyl and leather that you see often here in Seoul.   They fold easily and can be washable. But I think what attracts me most is the design of handmade bags; they have a casual, comfortable feel that if designed correctly, can also really feel chick and trendy.   Today’s featured designer is 조 현 숙 Jo Hyun Sook.

I’ve actually been able to see and feel her bags and can tell you they have a very nice fit and finish with some really tasteful design details.

Material: Cloth.

Unique Details: Fully reversible with equally nice designs, simple button style closure system.

Wish List: I think a zipper would also be quite nice for times when you simply don’t want things falling out of the bag.

Price Range: 20,000w – 25,000 w (I’d say that’s a real bargain for the quality you get!)

Interview Status: I’m hoping we can get an email interview with her very soon.  Working on it!


Here are some of my favorite designs:

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  1. Yuli permalink

    I am planning to sell this product . I went to their website but its all written in Korean. Do u have any idea they ship to overseas? Or do you have any contact details where I can place the order??

    Thanks heaps!

    Best regards,yuli

    • Hi Yuli,

      I’ve had many people ask me about providing some sort of service to ship some of the items you see here on my blog, so I’d be glad to help.
      I’ll probably add a page for a shipping service of these items soon. If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.

      designbyk AT

  2. Love the bright and bold patterns! Would love to see the insides of the bags.

    • Hi Annette,

      I agree, she has a great eye for designing these handmade bags. I tend to like the bolder patterns myself.
      No camera at the moment, so I can’t really add any photos of the insides. I could however ask the designer for those.
      Will update you.

      designbyk AT

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